About AppleOC

It all started 30+ years ago while working in the Graphic Arts and Printing Industry and has grown into a modern design team called ... WillyZ

Back in the day when Graphic Design was known as "paste up" and the actual magic was produced on a light table with the film being stripped while combining color separations with the pasted up artwork for Printing ... it was this time that the humble beginning was starting for AppleOC.

What we do

Creative Design, Brand Marketing, Website Creation, Web Hosting and Expert Print Management.

AppleOC and WillyZ know a lot about Printing, we were managing Print Projects long before we ever assembled the Design Team. We built our reputation on creating solutions for helping clients save money with our positive approach to every project. We are able to procure, manage and deliver any type of Print Project, whether it be Sheetfed Litho, Web Printing, Digital Printing including Direct Mail, Large Format, Promotional Products and Creative Graphic Services that meet the needs of a diverse group of clients spanning a wide variety of Industries.

Services we offer

Creative Design

willyDesign has the creative talent and a passion for design. We hardly even see what we do as work. Many of the designers we know were doing this when they were kids, then we grew up and find out creative design is a career. One of the hidden rewards of this business we love, is seeing the success our work brings to our clients and developing solid friendships along the way.

Brand Marketing

If you are in need of a fresh look to get started or maybe you are not happy with the current brand your company or organization is reflecting and a rebrand is the answer. willyBrand can help with a brand new look ... to compliment our creative knowledge ... listening is one of our strong points.

Website Creation and Web Hosting

The cost of your site includes hosting by willyHost and the registration of your domain name for the first year, willySite will handle everything in regards to keeping your site online. We register the domain name and future renewals, which are always registered in your name to ensure your secure ownership.

Expert Print Management

Even after all these years we still get a charge out of seeing the final printed piece on every project we work on. willyPrint uses an effective combination of Industry expertise, technological innovations, and an exceptional supply chain of partners that has been built over the past 30+ years.